Are you wishing to become a partner of VAU Gaming? You would need to meet the following terms.

Have a YouTube channel with over 3,500 subscribers and that is active, a Twitch channel with over 1000 followers and that is active, or a Website with above 500 unique active members/2000 site visitors every month.

You would need to be able to endorse our services and our website in any way you possibly can. You would need to use our video intro and place a link to us in the description of a YouTube video or Twitch channel. If we are sponsoring your website, you are required to place our logo in a visible location on your website and also create a page which explains all about who we are and what services we provide.

Do you meet these terms above? If that's a yes.. You can apply to be a partner of ours! Hooray!

To apply, please submit a partnership request by clicking here and use the following application format.

Full name:


Business plan for increasing traffic to your site, channel etc?: (What is your plan of increasing views, subscribers or visitors?)

Where will you endorse our products?: (An example of this could be a YouTube/Twitch channel and/or a website. Please provide the URL to the specified examples.)

What game or voice server would you like us to provide you with for this partnership?: (Garry's Mod, TeamSpeak etc)

You understand that our standard terms of service apply with this partnership?: (Yes or No)

You understand that we can end this agreement at any time?: (Yes or No)

You understand that if we sponsor a YouTube channel, our intro video below will be required to appear in every video you upload?: (Yes or No)

Please note that filling out "No" in any of the questions above will result in immediate closure of your application. Also, please note that your application may still be rejected even if you meet all of the the requirements.


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